I had a scab
Everywhere I went
It itched
I scratched
It pulled when I bent.

Don't pick that scab!
You'll get a scar!
But what to do
About those on the heart?

I didn't get that
Falling from a bike
From ice skating
Or tripping on a hike.

How did I get it?
So what, who cares!
But don't you want to know
How it got there?

The heart was broken
It was a mess
Could you do more
Should've done less?

How insensitive!
How cruel you are!
You don't care
How I got this scar!

I do care
But look around
What do you see
When looking down?

A frown on your face
Instead of a smile
You trudge through inches
I jog for miles.

The scar is important
For learning, no doubt
But what might happen
If you let it out?

While the scar took over
Look what you missed
A house, with kids
Your lips are kissed.

Outside, what awaits?
Mars and stars?
Cars, trains, planes!
Sunshine, rainbows
But they come with rain.

Laughter, parties
Friends, years
But we don't live forever
So those come with tears.

The scar is there
The scab you picked
But neither would be there
If your life weren't lived.

The scar is a mark
Not who you are
Quit living for it
Bring peace to this war.
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