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Lynessa Layne is a cross-genre author with a penchant for dark romantic suspense thrillers and mysteries with complex plots. 

As a reader she most enjoys an enemies-to-lovers dynamic, but craves sweet romance as much as the next chick. Her rule of thumb is to write what she loves to read, then edit it for sharing with everyone else.

She is a native Texan true to her country roots, grounded in faith and family, adheres to No Shoes Nation, and loves the boho beachbum  lifestyle, even if she now hails from Alabama instead of her former Florida.

As a military wife, mom of 4 bio babies & 1 step daughter, she understands the power of a great escape. 

Lynessa is a certified copy editor and member of the Florida Writer's Association and the Women's Fiction Writers Association.



Series Synopsis:

Klive King - a hit man with a need out of the crime syndicate he works for, inadvertently falls in love with Kinsley James, risking his life and being ordered to kill her. 

Kinsley James - a college co-ed with a world of dreams ahead of her knows Klive only as the stranger she can't help being drawn to. When she finds out who he is, she's disgusted by her feelings and wants to bring him to justice for the lives he's taken, especially since it seems she's on his list. 

When their cat-and-mouse games leave them both ensnared in a death trap, they band together against those who want them dead and fight for their lives and their unconventional love.

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A humorous pun on piracy chronicling the softer side of Lynessa AKA Heather Sparks (YA pen name) as she takes you through a night with her newborn. This story earned 20th place out of over 5200 entries. 

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