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Lynessa Layne is a writer with Asperger's who spent a year and a half on the indie circuit as Author Lynessa James, but left to revise her work and revamp her image. 

Her overactive imagination and painful past are the source of serial novels, stand-alones, and short stories. She writes dark romantic thrillers with mind-bending obstacles, psychological suspense, and criminal dilemmas, but believes in the power of a happy ending (or happy-for-now in the context of serial works).

She is a native Texan true to her country roots, grounded in faith and family.

Although now a certified copy editor, she's enjoyed odd jobs like the Texas Renaissance Festival and weekends being the 'sample girl' at grocery stores.  

She spent eight years as a youth leader for a non-denominational church and five of those years co-leading a traveling drama ministry. 

No matter how sordid her characters and writing, she remains true to her spirituality. "I'm not some khaki wearing Bible-thumper. My childhood was rough, I have a disability that forces me to see the darkest sides of the light people portray. I refuse to pretend I'm wholesome and sweet all the time. I'm not. Life isn't perfect, and neither are people, especially behind closed doors or when they're backed into a corner. That is what I like to write." -Lynessa Layne

As a military wife, mother of four bio babies and 1 step daughter, she understands the power of a great escape. 

Lynessa is a member of the Florida Writer's Association and the Women's Fiction Writers Association.


Don't Close Your Eyes

Formerly on the Amazon Bestseller List, this series of thriller novels under reconstruction was once published as one novella and nine erotic suspense suspense novels.

Each book chronicles the collision of very different characters who create one another's suspense stories through their interest in one another. Their downfalls ultimately become their strengths.

Klive King - a hit man with a need out of the crime syndicate he works for, inadvertently falls in love with Kinsley James, risking his life and being ordered to kill her. 

Kinsley James - a college co-ed with a world of dreams ahead of her knows Klive only as the stranger she can't help being drawn to. When she finds out who he is, she's disgusted by her feelings and wants to bring him to justice for the lives he's taken, especially since it seems she's on his list. 

When their cat and mouse games leave them both ensnared in a death trap, they band together against those who want them dead and fight for their lives and an unlikely love.

Don't Close Your Eyes (Vol 1) is complete at just over 97,000 words, and will be submitted to agents in Sept/Oct with queries. For updates please subscribe to the mailing list.

Blood Letters

A stand alone novel in progress about a couple who ends up working for a murderer on the mysterious streets of New Orleans.

More details to come once the project nears completion.

Heather Sparks  The Crow's Nest

Short Stories

"The Crows Nest" is a humorous pun on piracy chronicling the softer side of Lynessa AKA Heather Sparks (YA pen name) as she takes you through a night with her newborn. This story earned 20th place out of over 5200 entries. 

Blog: The Dark Side of Light

Character Interviews and Musings

Posts coming soon!

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